What would you do if you see a snake slithering towards your direction? Most people would probably dash away in fear of their safety.

An elderly uncle couldn’t be bothered by the approaching scary reptile and was seen nonchalantly enjoying his bee hoon while everyone around him was panicking.

Source: EveryDay SG via Stomp

Facebook user Jeff Cym shared the snake encounter, which took place at Bukit Gombak coffee shop, on the Nature Society (Singapore) Facebook page on Sunday (4th June). In the video clip, diners at the eatery were fleeing the scene after spotting the giant python.


Funnily enough, the old man who sat one table away from the snake had no intention of abandoning his meal. Curious customers could be seen whipping their smartphones out to snap photos and record the commotion.

In an attempt to chase the snake away, a man in a sleeveless green shirt tried to use a chair to prod the creature. The snake was provoked and retaliate by attacking the chair aggressively. That’s was the moment the clip concluded.



The snake entered the eating area while many were still having their breakfast. Was chased out once but it wanted to return almost immediately despite the crowd of people. The man used the chair to deter it from returning. He did not mean to provoke it,” Jeff Cym shared.

No word yet on where the snake came from, but some suspected that the nearby construction site may have something to do with it.

Sources: Nature Society (Singapore)’s Facebook, Asia One, Stomp/ Featured image: Asia One.

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