Prepare some tissues because you’ll shed some tears, Queen’s.

T-ara has dropped their video teaser for their final track, “What’s My Name?” and it’s more emotional than we expected. The teaser, which is slightly longer than 1 minute, was released this morning (Monday, 5th June).

Source: T-ara’s Facebook Page

The track itself is an upbeat one, but the video successfully evoked emotions from us through its subtle hints. The Korean and Chinese teasers were compiled into one video, showing the girls dressed in beautiful white dresses.


However, in one scene, 6 bottles were seen at the edge of a fountain, but only 4 were picked up by the girls. The other bottles are assumed to signify the 2 members who left, Boram and Soyeon. In another scene, 6 pencils were seen lined up on a desk, but in the next, 2 of them disappeared.

T-ara’s upcoming album will contain a total of 9 tracks. 3 of them will be group tracks while 4 of them are solo songs. The remaining 2 songs are the Chinese and instrumental versions of “What’s My Name?”.

Source: T-ara’s Facebook Page

However, the members are not without their fears. When interviewed about T-ara’s impending comeback as 4 members, Eunjung revealed her honest thoughts, saying, “I am a bit concerned about how people will view us. As always, we are preparing diligently with good music and choreography. I’m hoping that if we work hard on stage, people will think well of us.

“What’s My Name?” will drop on 14th June.

For more info, visit T-ara’s official website and Facebook page.

Source: soompi (1), (2).

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