Ever wondered what it feels like to enter the world of Pandora? You’ve seen the stunning visuals in the “Avatar” movie, but what if we told you an Avatar-like garden exist in Malaysia?

Called the Penang Avatar Secret Garden (阿凡达神秘花园), this new hidden gem will surely lure visitors to check out its futuristic garden as well as the collection of magical giant trees. With otherworldly design features, Penang Avatar Secret Garden is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Penang Avatar Secret Garden
Source: Woei Ning

The main attraction at these gorgeous location appears to be the colourful and mystical lights draped on tree branches and around tree trunks. The best time to visit Penang Avatar Secret Garden is during nighttime because that’s when the lights sparkle best.


In case you’re interested, Penang Avatar Secret Garden is located at Tangjong Tokong. Popular landmarks include the Sea Pearl Lagoon Cafe and Flat Uda, which is situated alongside the beach. The parking lot inside is said to be congested, so you might want to park your vehicle outside before entering the venue.

Here are some of the photos found on social media:

There’s also a 1-minute long video provided by Penang Holiao.


Source: Penang Holiao’s Facebook.

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