Imagine this: You’ve waited for a parking spot for a long time. But when the driver finally gets out, someone else parks right in. How would you feel?

A Facebook user known as Lim H. En confronted the man who stole her parking space. But instead of apologising, the rude driver and his family verbally assaulted Lim and even damaged her car.

Source: Lim H. En’s Facebook page

Lim wrote, “为什么可以那么无理? 还全家出手来攻击我们。这个跟肤色种族没关系 纯属个人问题。” (Translation: “How can they be so unreasonable? The whole family even attacked us. This has nothing to do with skin colour and race. It is one’s attitude problem.”)


In Lim’s video, a woman, who is wearing a tudung, can be seen hitting Lim’s car and giving her the finger. As Lim drives away, the driver’s family walks towards Lim’s car and hits it. One of them even throws a slipper at the vehicle.

Watch the ordeal below:

As at time of writing, Lim’s post has been shared over 31,000 times.

She added that she reported the incident, which happened on Tuesday (30th May) to the police. However, her case was not taken seriously by the police. In an update posted today (1st June), she said that the police told her that it’s a small case and there’s no need to see the sergeant.

The driver and his family (Source: Lim H. En’s Facebook page)

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Source: Lim H. En’s Facebook page/ Featured image: Lim H. En’s Facebook page.

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