When you board a flight, you certainly wouldn’t be expecting the CEO of the airline company to personally serve you.

But passengers aboard an AirAsia flight got the special treatment from Tony Fernandes, who led his team by example by helping out the crew of a busy flight.


A video posted by the AirAsia CEO showing him collecting rubbish from passengers has gone viral, amassing more than 400k views on Instagram and Facebook in less than a day.

In the 15-second video, Fernandes was seen holding a rubbish bag and walking along the airplane aisle to collect rubbish. While doing the rounds on his “new job”, he also talked to passengers in a friendly manner and smiled while servicing them.

Turns out he was helping his crew out since it was World’s Cabin Crew Day, and the flight he was on was full.

Source: Sense Asean

In his Facebook post, he showed appreciation to them by saying, “Audrey secretly filmed me and posted it. Helped out my crew as flight was full and it was International Cabin Crew Day. To all cabin crew all over the world, especially my All Star cabin crew thank you for working so hard and making flying much more pleasurable. My All Star crew keep winning awards and are amazing.

Aww, such a nice gesture! Where else would you find such an understanding boss, right?

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