K-Pop fans, there’s gonna be a new audition program coming your way.

Tentatively titled “The Final 99 Match”, the new audition program is expected to be the largest one ever. KBS, who will broadcast the program, has revealed that 500 contestants will be participating in the show.


However, the show is different in the sense that it will focus on idols who have already made their debuts. This will involve those who have prior experience in promoting as idols and have dropped albums but sadly, were not as successful with the public.

With 250 males and 250 females idols planned to be recruited by the show, it is currently dubbed as the “largest ever” idol audition program. KBS is also reportedly investing at least 7 billion KRW (around RM26 million) on it.

At the end of the program, 9 female and 9 male idols will be selected. They will then be put into several different idol groups without any regards to their gender. This means that an all-male and all-female group could be formed, but it also means that a co-ed group could make their debut.

An insider also commented on the show, saying, “The core of this program is to bring out those who are eager to be a star and give them that opportunity once again.”

Source: Pop Corn For 2

The show is one of the many audition-based programs shown in South Korea. More popular ones include “Superstar K”, “K-Pop Star”, “Produce 101”, and more, all of which have spawn a huge following. While the first 2 shows are more focused on finding new talents, “Produce 101” puts its attention on idol trainees from various entertainment companies.

However, that’s not all. More channels and platforms are jumping on the audition/reality program bandwagon, with Amazon currently in negotiations to broadcast their first ever K-Pop audition show. Mnet also has plans to air a new girl group program called “Idol School” in July and has roped in Super Junior’s Kim Heechul as their “homeroom teacher”.

Source: Koreaboo.

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