Nam Taehyun has made his comeback to the music scene.

After leaving WINNER in November 2016, the singer stayed quiet for a few months. In March this year, he was revealed to have formed a new band named South Club, which consists of 5 members including himself. And now, the band has dropped their first ever official release.

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Titled “Hug Me”, the track was made public at 12pm KST (11am Malaysian time) today (Friday, 26th May). It is the pre-release track for the band’s first album, which is slated for release sometime in June.


The ballad track features Nam Taehyun’s raw and melancholic vocals, and the music video follows suit. It is stripped bare, showing the frontman walking around aimlessly in what looks like a hotel room. We see him struggling with loneliness as he scribbles in a notebook and stares into the distance.

Source: QQ Music

South Club consists of 5 members – Nam Tae Hyun, guitarist Kang Kun Ku, drummer Won Young, bassist Solomon Kim, and pianist Yoon Hwi. After debuting their first album, the boys are set to perform in Tokyo, Japan in July.

In a recent interview with Dingo Music, the former WINNER member also touched on his departure from WINNER and controversies which surrounded him.

For updates on Taehyun and his band, remember to follow him on Instagram and his band on Twitter.

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