With 3 boy groups currently under YG Entertainment’s roster, it’s inevitable for the youngest group iKON to be compared to their senior BIGBANG and peer WINNER.

While making their interview rounds to promote their comeback tracks “Bling Bling” and “B-Day (벌떼)“, the idol group fielded a few questions on the aspect.

Source: Billboard

Leader B.I explained, “Visually, WINNER is much taller than us. Also, WINNER looks more high class while we (iKON) have a more carefree image.” Bobby chimed in, saying, “We differ in the way a sedan differs from a sports car.


However, iKON assured that there’s no rivalry between the 2 groups. “We are glad that WINNER is doing well. We will always be rooting for them,” commented the idol group.

Aside from WINNER, they also compared themselves to BIGBANG. They stated, “BIGBANG gives off vibes of partying at a penthouse, while WINNER feels like they’re at a luxurious oceanside. As for us, we give the feeling of riding bikes and skateboards at a parking lot. We have a young and hungry mindset from the streets. There’s also 7 of us, so it’s always bustling. We are raw youth itself, incomplete, like a soft-boiled egg. We do things that we can’t do if we don’t do it now.

Source: Koreaboo / Wikimedia / WWD Japan

iKON made their debut in September 2015 after joining 2 reality shows, “WIN: Who Is Next” and “Mix & Match”. They have only released one full album, “Welcome Back“, so far but has dropped many single albums.

Sources: soompi, allkpop.

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