STAR1s, we have news for you.

SISTAR’s contract with Starship Entertainment will expire this coming June, with both sides still negotiating their contract renewal terms.

Source: soompi

Starship released a short statement regarding the issue, saying, “We are still discussing the circumstances of Sistar’s contract renewals.


Although nothing has been confirmed, it did not stop fans from worrying that their favourite group will be disbanding. SISTAR, who debuted in 2010, will be celebrating their 7 year together this year.

Why is this a cause of worry? Because of the “7-year curse”, a jynx which reportedly causes many K-Pop groups to disband on their 7th year. Affected groups are 4Minute, 2NE1, KARA, and Rainbow, to name a few.

According to allkpop, the “curse” affects many K-Pop groups as the longest contract term between an artiste and a label is 7 years. After their contract ends, it’s more likely for an idol group to disband if they haven’t been raking in profits or if a member chooses to go down another career path.

Source: Santa Banta

However, Sistar’s releases have been fairly successful, with all of the members having successful solo careers – be it as singers, actresses, or variety show stars. Thus, it is quite possible for all the members to renew their contracts with Starship Entertainment.

The group is also slated to make their long-awaited comeback on 31st May and have left for Macau to shoot their new music video. Filming began today (Thursday, 18th May) and is expected to end on 21st May.

Sources: Reddit, allkpop, soompi.

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