5 weeks after welcoming their first child into the world, new parents Liam Payne and Cheryl have reportedly settle on a baby name.

After getting to know the little tot, the couple decided on an unusual moniker for their son just a few days ago. And the name is…Bear Payne!

Bear Payne
Source: Tumblr

Liam and Cheryl couldn’t decide on a name for ages and kept toing and froing between options. But they both loved Bear and settled on it a few days ago. Despite the sleepless nights, the couple are completely smitten with little Bear,” a source told Daily Mail.


The 23-year-old pop star and his baby mama aren’t the first celebrity couples to name their children Bear though. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools have a 5-year-old boy named Buddy Bear. Hollywood actresses Kate Winslet and Alicia Silverstone also named their children Bear.

Bear Payne
Source: Jastrzab Post

Bear Payne was born on 22nd March at the exclusive Portland Hospital in central London. “I’m incredibly happy to welcome our new baby boy into the world, it’s a moment that I will never forget for the rest of my life and my favourite memory I have so far,” the One Direction member previously shared.

What do y’all think of the name Bear? Do you find it cute or weird? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Sources: E! News, Daily Mail/ Featured image: E! News via Getty Images.

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