It hasn’t been 3 months since TWICE made their comeback with “Knock Knock“, and now, fans will have the opportunity to see the girls again.

The idol group is gearing up for the release of their 4th mini album, having dropped several teaser images for “Signal”.

Source: JYP Entertainment

The first image was dropped at midnight on Monday (1st May), followed by their comeback schedule and another teaser image at 6pm KST on the same day. Just today, the idol group released more album details for “Signal”.


The schedule revealed that JYP Entertainment will be releasing new teasers every single day from now ’til 14th May. The music video and album will then be dropped on 15th May at 6pm KST. Fans can choose from 3 album covers, the red, pink, and blue version, with each version carrying the same content except for the photo cards.

Their comeback track this time round will be composed by JYP Entertainment owner Park Jin Young, with the group concluding their music video filming recently.

The girls are also slated to appear on JTBC’s popular variety show “Knowing Bros” and will be recording their episode on 4th May.

UPDATE (5th May):

TWICE is coming back in 10 days and fans are already treated with tons of teaser images! Judging from the looks of the promo photos, it’s safe to say that the girls are going for an adorable preppy concept.

Check out the teasers in the gallery below:

UPDATE (9th May):

TWICE has dropped more teaser images.


The girl group is certainly not holding back and has released countless sets of teaser images for fans. We are welcomed by at least 4 teasers per day, and boy, the girls sure look good in their latest concept.

Don’t believe us?

See for yourself 😉

“Signal” consists of 6 tracks, including the title track of the same name produced by none other than Park Jin Young (founder of JYP Entertainment) himself.

For updates on TWICE, remember to check out their website and Facebook page.

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