Music lovers, Charlie Puth wants your attention!

The “See You Again” singer has dropped his latest single, titled “Attention” – the first single off his upcoming untitled sophomore album.

Source: The Odyssey Online

To promote his new single, a place called “The Attention Room” was established in Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles. At the launch, the Grammy-nominated musician said that he is not one to look for any unnecessary attention on social media.

“We’re in a world of Facebook and Instagram. If you get a ‘like’, you get this rush of dopamine to your mind. Social media is important, but we should venture out a little bit and not rely on it for self approval,” he explained.

Source: Catie Laffoon via Billboard

Besides that, he also shared that his past relationships didn’t work out because “he wasn’t ready to fully commit”. He continued, “Maybe at that time, I couldn’t give it all to them because I focused on my career. There are a lot of different takes.” 

Charlie’s new track is about an attention-hungry girl who has been “running around throwing dirt” on his name. “You just want attention/ You don’t want my heart/ Maybe you just hate the thought of me with someone new/ Yeah you just want attention/ I knew from the start/ You’re just making sure I’m never gettin’ over you,” he sings.

Listen to the catchy track below:

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