Former I.O.I member Kim Chung Ha (김청하) will be making her debut very soon!

Prior to the release of her debut album, M&H Entertainment has dropped the music video for her pre-release track, “WEEK” (월화수목금토일).

Source: Star 1

During an interview with Star 1, the 21-year-old singer, who has been training for 7 years, shared her worries about debuting as a solo artiste. “I’m scared about debuting solo. I don’t even imagine I’ll get the amount of attention or interest as I.O.I did,” she explained.


When asked about her small label, she answered, “I fit well with small labels. If I was worried about that, I wouldn’t have gone to ‘Produce 101’ as M&H’s Kim Chung Ha.”

Source: YouTube screenshot

Co-written and co-composed by Cracker (크래커) and uprising Indie musician Grizzly (그리즐리), “WEEK” is an R&B ballad that places focus on Chung Ha’s delicate vocals. It also features some really beautiful piano tunes.

The music video is directed by Vikings League and it features the idol singing under a sky full of stars. In one dreamy scene, she can be seen standing calming while flower petals fall down.


Prior to joining Mnet’s “PRODUCE 101” (프로듀스 101), Chung Ha auditioned for YG Entertainment and was a former JYP trainee for 3 years. Known for her amazing dance skills, she was chosen to debut as the lead dancer of I.O.I. She is currently the host for EBS’ fitness programme, “Ah! Sunday – A Running Miracle”.

For more information, visit M&H Entertainment’s Facebook page.

Source: All Kpop.

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