Is Jaden Smith going to be a K-Pop star?

Earlier this morning (Friday, 21st April), the 18-year-old rapper took to Twitter to announce his upcoming K-Pop single. He wrote, “And yes, I will be dropping a K-Pop single in the next 4 months.” 

We’re not sure how serious his tweet is but Jaden has previously expressed his strong desire to become a K-pop star. In December, he tweeted his admiration for BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and called him his “inspiration”. 2 weeks later, he said, “I just wanna be a K-Pop star.” When one of his followers asked him how serious he was, he replied, “I’m serious I actually wanna be a K-Pop star.”

In another tweet, he mentioned that he has plans to become a K-pop star in 2017. “People see me and ask me if I wanna be a K-Pop star as if I haven’t made my goals for 2017 clear,” wrote the actor.

Jaden Smith Kpop
Source: Next Shark

Besides that, his father Will Smith had expressed his interest in working with YG Entertainment during “After Earth”‘s promotional tour in South Korea in 2013.

The Hollywood star said, “If this movie (“After Earth”) is successful in Korea, I’m gonna do a song with PSY (…) So we’re gonna get huge music and so, if we have success, we’re gonna come back and we’re gonna go to YG Entertainment, and we’re gonna make 2 records. Or 1 big record with our family and the YG family!”

Source: Just Jared

If Jaden really makes his debut as a K-Pop star in the coming months, it would make him one of the few non-Asian K-Pop idols in the industry. A couple of days ago, EXP Edition, an all-American K-Pop group, released their official debut single “Feel Like This”.

What do you think of Jaden Smith as a K-Pop star? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


Sources: All Kpop, Next Shark, Soompi/ Featured image: E! Online.

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