Another K-Pop idol is getting married!

Just a week after JYJ’s Yoochun announced his marriage plans, Shinhwa’s Eric has also stepped up to inform fans of his upcoming nuptial with actress Na Hye Mi. He made public the good news just earlier today (Monday, 17th April).

The post, which can be found on Shinhwa’s official Facebook page, was written in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese.


The simple statement reads:

Hello, this is SHINHWA ERIC. I met a long life caring friend of mine, and I will be having a quiet and respectful marriage with my family and friends in a church on 1st July 2017.

I received so much love from SHINHWACHANGJO fans as being a member of SHINHWA for 19 years, and I will promise to work harder with a settled mind for all the love you gave. We will always appreciate, Respect and take care of each other.

Source: Drama Fever

Although Na Hye Mi’s name wasn’t exactly mentioned, it is a well known fact that the actress and singer are currently dating. In February, Dispatch also dropped photos of the couple going on dates, which prompted the Eric’s side to confirm the news. The news outlet also reported that the couple planned to get married by this year, and it seems like the rumour was true after all!

Congratulations to the pair, we hope you have a happy marriage 🙂

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