Do we hear wedding bells ringing?

This might come as a shock to JYJ fans, but several Korean media outlets have reported that Park Yoochun will be getting married to a non-celebrity this fall.

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His label, C-Jes Entertainment hasn’t denied the rumours, but said, “We are currently confirming with him about the marriage rumours.


Although there has yet to be an official confirmation, news outlet are already leaking information about Yoochun’s alleged fiancée. She was apparently a close friend of Yoochun’s but their relationship started blooming at the start of 2017. They only decided to tie the knot recently.

Yoochun’s bride-to-be was next to Yoochun through thick and thin when he needed support. Through her support, Yoochun gained lots of strength and that’s how their relationship became closer,” wrote Star News.

Fans are in disbelief, as there were no dating rumours or details of his romantic relationships prior to this. Trust us, we were extremely surprised by the news too.

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Park Yoochun is currently fulfilling his mandatory military service as a public service officer. He was posted to a district office in Gangnam and is expected to be discharged in August 2017.

UPDATE (13th April, 11:09am):

Park Yoochun’s label C-JeS Entertainment has confirmed the wedding rumours, saying, “Park Yoochun is getting married this coming September.

They continued, “Because the news was reported before any specific plans for their marriage, we want to be careful about revealing anything else. Also, Park Yoochun is currently serving as a public service officer and the bride-to-be is a non-celebrity, so we ask for your understanding. Please look over them warmly. Park Yoochun will diligently serve in the military until late-August.

According to reports, the woman is the youngest daughter of the founder of Namyang Dairy Product. She and Yoochun has a 3-year gap, as she’s 27 while Yoochun is 30. The 2 met in September 2016 and will be having a closed wedding ceremony with only close friends and family.


Congratulations to him and his soon-to-be wife! 🙂

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UPDATE (13th April, 1:40pm):

Yoochun’s alleged wife-to-be has denied news of the relationship.

While Korean media has identified her as Hwang Hana, a CEO of a shopping mall and daughter to a Food Corporation founder,  she has denied all claims.

In an Instagram post, she addressed the dating rumours and exclaimed that she has never dated anyone in the past year. She also contradicted the claim that she owns a shopping mall.

She wrote, “Haha it’s only the morning and what is all this…Maybe I should close my Instagram…sigh..There are so many problems with reporters hahahahahahaha So I guess I had a boyfriend for 1 year hahaha. Also I apparently have a shopping mall hahaha I didn’t even know that! Wow!! I really want to become a shopping mall owner hahahah I’ve never ran a shopping mall before. These articles are not true, it’s so surprising.

Hwang Hana’s Instagram Post (Source: Koreaboo)

Although fans are putting forward the possibility that it’s a case of mistaken identity, C-JeS Entertainment has named her specifically. In a statement, they simply said, “It is true that Yoochun will be marrying Hwang Hana.

However, after the statement was released, Hwang Hana updated her post with a new message.

It read:

I am just a civilian. Can you please just leave me alone? It hurts a lot….There is a serious problem with reporters. I have not dated anyone for a year. I really wish these fake news articles will stop. I had a very hard time in the past year and I really wished to live normally this year but…I just want to live normally.

I beg you guys…I also want you people to think before you comment. Just because it’s online doesn’t mean you have to throw your manners out. Once you say something, you can never take it back. Think about what the receiving person will think. The online world is a really scary place…Let’s not hurt each other please. Think about how the other person will think.

I beg of you. This doesn’t apply to me exclusively. This is for everyone in the world. I just wish everyone will get along. Anyways, the articles are all rumors so just pretend you didn’t see them..I beg you.

Aside from denying the news yet again, her latest message seemed to be a plea to the public to stop the harassment and vicious comments coming her way.

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We’re not sure what’s going on, but our best bet is that fans have gotten the wrong Hwang Hana.

We’ll update you with more news as we get ’em.

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