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Just one day after Gary dropped his surprise wedding announcement, reports about the disbandment of Leessang have surfaced. The duo, comprised of rapper Gary and singer Gil, reportedly went their separate ways last year.

Source: Koreaboo

According to an exclusive report by Star News, Leessang Company, which was created by the duo for their music promotions, was revealed to have ceased all business activities last year. Staff members were reportedly laid off and there are currently no employees in the company right now.


A former employee said, “I believe the company still exists solely for the music profit that comes in through the label.

Another one exclaimed, “The employees have left the company, but the company itself has not closed down. Leessang may continue to work together. I don’t know whether they’ve disbanded or not, and it’s not something I can say.

They allegedly split up because of the differences in personality and controversy involving their building in 2016. An insider said, “A lot of peers already know that the two people didn’t have a great relationship during Leessang promotions. They did attend events together for business but they no longer even do that.

Source: allkpop

However, no official statement has been released by the company as of press time. For now, it seems like Gary and Gil will be working through their individual labels Yangbans Nation and Magic Mansion.

Gary and Gil have frequently mentioned that their relationship is “only for business”, and the 2 hardly talk outside of work. However, as those were said in variety shows, many thought that it was said in jest.

Gary’s recent marriage announcement was also a testament to his extremely private life. According to news reports, many of his celebrity contacts – which includes the “Running Man” members as well as Gil – and even people from his company weren’t aware of his marriage until his announcement on Instagram.

We’ll leave you now to cry with “Tears” 🙁


Leessang was formed in 2002 and has released 8 albums to date. Throughout their 15 year in the music industry, the duo has produced many hit tracks such as “Tears”, “The Girl Who Can’t Breakup, The Guy Who Can’t Leave”, “I’m Not Laughing”, and “Turned Off The TV”.

Their final music release was the single “Kaleidoscope” in 2015. Since then, they have focused on their individual activities, with Gary releasing his solo album and Gil joined “Show Me The Money 6” as a producer.

Sources: allkpop, soompi.

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