Wow, we certainly didn’t see this one coming.

For years, “Running Man” (런닝맨) fans have shipped Kang Hee Gun (강희건), better known by his stage name Gary (개리), with Song Ji Hyo (송지효). Together, they were known as the popular Korean variety show’s “Monday Couple“.

Source: Kpop Fighting

In fact, “Running Man” fans were undoubtedly heartbroken when it was announced that Gary has decided to leave the show to focus on his music career. He wasn’t lying, as he’s set to hold his first ever solo concert in Malaysia come 21st May 2017 at KL Live.


Aside from that, it seems like Gary had it all planned out from the very beginning as he just dropped another surprise on us! The 39-year-old rapper just updated his Instagram with a photo that, at first glance, you wouldn’t even think twice about. But the caption reads, “I got married to the person I love today. We didn’t have a wedding ceremony but the two of us became a married couple through our own expression. My wife is a non-celebrity who shook my soul in an instant. Though there may be those of you who are shocked by the marriage news, I hope you bless us with a joyful new future. I’ll live well and happily for the rest of my life.”


Nawww. Congratulations, Gary oppa! We’re so happy for you 🙂 Here’s to many, many years of wedded bliss.

Source: Gary Kang’s Instagram.

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