DAY6’s April release is here!

The band was scheduled to release one track every month in 2017 as part of their Every Day6 project, and true to their word, they’ve dropped “I’m Serious (장난 아닌데)” at noon today (Thursday, 6th April).

Source: DAY6’s Facebook Page

Prior to today’s release, DAY6 has dropped 6 other tracks this year. “I Wait” and “Goodbye Winter” were released in January; “You Were Beautiful” and “My Day” in February; and finally, “How Can I Say” and “I Would” in March.


Their latest track veers from their usual rock ballad sound. Although the track is named “I’m Serious”, the music video is filled with the members’ playful antics. They go on a road trip while singing cheerfully about a girl they’re smitten by.

Aside from “I’m Serious”, the April edition of Every Day6 will also include another track, “Wow”. Young.K, Sungjin, and Wonpil also took part in the lyrics writing and composing for both tracks.



DAY6 has also surprised fans with a medley of JYP songs, courtesy of Dingo Music. In the 100-second clip, the band performed the acoustic versions of TWICE’s “Knock Knock”, Baek Ah Yeon’s “So So”, GOT7’s “Never Ever”, Baek Ye Rin’s “Bye Bye My Blue”, Wonder Girls’ “Why So Lonely”, and of course, their latest track “I’m Serious”. They even ended the segment with the signature “JYP” whisper!

Try to not melt while listening to their sweet voices:


For more info, visit DAY6’s official website and Facebook page.

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