Any Joy and Lee Hyun Woo shippers out there? 😉

Aside from starring in the K-Drama “The Liar And His Lover (그녀는 거짓말을 너무 사랑해)” as lovers, Red Velvet’s Joy and actor Lee Hyun Woo have teamed up for the OST (original soundtrack)!

Source: All Kpop

The music video for the 2nd OST “I’m OK (괜찮아, 난)” was released at midnight today (Tuesday, 28th March) and features several scenes from the drama. Of course, Joy and Lee Hyun Woo are featured heavily in the scenes!


While there were various romantic scenes, what made our hearts flutter was this cute but awkward situation. Both actors were forced to stand next to each other in a cramped elevator, resulting in awkward gazes. They soon begin to fall for each other and we also see them sharing their first kiss.


Aside from Joy and Lee Hyun Woo, the drama also stars Choi Min Soo, Lee Jung Jin, Lee Seo Won, and Hong Seo Young. It is based on Kotomi Aoki’s best-selling Japanese manga of the same name.

“The Liar And His Lover” follows the love story of Kang Han Kyeol (played by Lee Hyun Woo), a depressed genius composed who hides his identity, and Yoo So Rim (played by Joy), a high school student who has an amazing singing voice.

“The Liar And His Lover” airs on tvN every Monday and Tuesday at 11pm KST (10pm Malaysian time).

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