Original Cake, the famed Taiwan bakery, made a splash when it opened its first branch in Malaysia. Droves of people flocked to Sunway Velocity to get a taste of the cake, which resulted in long queues in front of the store for at least one month.

And now, the bakery is set to serve more Malaysian customers with its 2nd branch in Sunway Pyramid.

Source: Places and Foods

According to Places and Foods, the new outlet will be on the new wing and in the same section as Pasta Zanmai. If its first branch is any indication, we think the Sunway Pyramid outlet will garner the same amount of hype.


Prepare for long queues and at least a 2-hour wait if you wanna get your hands on this delectable cake fast. If waiting is not your thing, we would advise you to wait it out before visiting the outlet.

Source: Rebecca Saw

Original Cake originated from Tamshui Taiwan and is a favourite amongst tourists and locals. The bakery dubs its cake as “a renowned traditional delicacy” made according to a traditional recipe. 7 flavours – original, spurted chocolate, pork floss and laver, healthy dried longan, almond and nuts, cranberry, and banana milk – have been introduced so far, but only 2 of them are available in Malaysia.

Locally, the original-flavoured cakes are priced at RM18 while the cheese-flavoured one costs RM23.

For more info, visit Original Cake Malaysia’s Facebook page.

Source: Places And Foods.

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