Highlight has begun their teasing process!

Earlier, it was reported that Highlight will be making their debut with 1st mini-album “Can You Feel It?“. Just today (3rd March), Around US Entertainment released a promotion schedule plan on their social media platforms.


The image gives off a slightly retro vibe, with the words “Highlight” and “Can You Feel It?” painted in a comical font. Although the image is in bright colours, a sentimental sentence can be seen on the bottom right. It says, “Think of the very instant in a moment of weakness, listening to the thick dark grey shouting.

According to the schedule, 2 more hint images will be released on Saturday (4th Match) and Sunday (5th Sunday). This will be followed by concept photos, an album preview, and finally, the track list on 9th March.

As with tradition, Highlight will also be rewarding fans with a pre-release track on 13th March. Their pre-release tracks have always been well-accepted by the public, with the songs charting high even with minimal promotions. Several fan favourites include “Gotta Go To Work”, “On Rainy Days”, “Midnight”, and “Will You Be Alright”.

The group will then tease fans for another week with the album’s highlight medley and title song teasers before releasing their album.

Source: SO BEAST

UPDATE (6th March, 10:35am):

Highlight has released more teaser images for their upcoming comeback!

On Saturday, they made public 2 more hint images, the first one plastered with the sentence “I will be your light” and the 2nd one with “Plz don’t be sad“.

Then on yesterday (Sunday, 5th March), they revealed their 1st batch of concept photos. It comprised of the members’ individual photos and a group photo. The concept was extremely dreamy, with most of the members looking solemn.


Take a look:

“Can You Feel It?” will be released on 20th March, with the album open for pre-order on 8th March.

The group will also be holding a showcase on the release date, and is currently planning on attending music shows such as “Show Champion” and “Mnet M! Countdown” to promote their new tracks.

For more info, visit Around US Entertainment’s website and Instagram.

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