Fire in the water, we are burning wild and free. Fire in the water, they knowing nothing ’bout our love. Just me and you, fire in the water.

We’re not sure what the term “fire water” really means, but Code Kunst’s latest track of the same name has got us bobbing our heads to it. The catchy track was produced by Code Kunst, with vocals from G.Soul and rap verses from Epik High’s Tablo.

fire water
Source: YouTube Screenshot

“Fire Water” is the title track of the hip-hop artiste’s 3rd album “Muggles Mansion”. Aside from the song, the album includes 14 other tracks such as “Artistic”, “MORE FIRE”, and “Lounge”. Several other YG Entertainment artistes also featured on the album, with WINNER’s Mino rapping in “StrOngerrr” and Lee Hi singing in “X”.


The music video is equally as baffling as the track name, with the main character trying to fuse water and fire, which are extreme opposites, together. Tablo and G.Soul also make appearances in the eerie video, which portrays the mysterious love of the 2 starring actors.


Code Kunst signed with YG Entertainment’s sub-label HIGHGRND in September 2015, and has collaborated with its founder Tablo a few times.

For more info, visit HIGHGRND’s Facebook page.

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