miss A’s Suzy made her debut as a singer, but have been active as an actress in recent years. However, following the release of her solo debut album, it seems like the talented star is set to make waves in the music industry once again.

A few days ago, Suzy uploaded a photo of her and indie singer Park Won on her Instagram, which caused fans to speculate that the 2 might be working together. Later that day, Park Won’s agency, MakeUs Entertainment, confirmed the news.

Source: allkpop

They said:


Everything from the recording to the music video was completed in a bright atmosphere. Please look forward to the new harmony Park Won and Suzy will be creating.

And now, several teaser photos have been released!

The teasers look extremely dreamy, and in the first photo, we see both singers looking at each other from across a restaurant. However, in 2 new photos released today, they seemed to be unaware of each others’ presence.

Enjoy the photos:

Suzy made her debut in 2010, then ventured into acting with “Dream High” in 2011. In January 2016, she released her collaboration track with EXO’s Baekhyun, “Dream”, which was extremely popular and debuted number one on several Korean music charts. Following the success of the track, she released her solo album “Yes No Maybe” in January, which contained 6 songs.

Meanwhile, Park Won debuted as a part of indie duo One More Chance in 2010, and has sang the OST (original sountrack) for dramas such as “My Wife Is Having An Affair This Week”.

“Dont Wait For Your Love” is set to be released on 28th February at 12pm KST (11am Malaysian time).

Source: soompi.

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