ARMYs, brace yourself, for BTS’ new track will blow your mind away.

A few days after the release of their title track “Spring Day (봄날)“, the idol group has made public the music video for their follow-up track “Not Today” at midnight today (Monday, 20th February). Both tracks are part of the group’s special album, “WINGS: You Never Walk Alone”.


The album, which was made available for fans a week ago on 13th February, also records 16 other songs. They are “Outro: Wings”, “A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone” as well as 15 other numbers which were originally included in the “WINGS” album.

“Not Today” is extremely different from their initial release, “Spring Day”. The latter was mellower and feels extremely melancholic, but the former is a strong anthem for those who are on the verge of giving up.

The track was produced by Pdogg, who is a frequent collaborator of the group, along with lyrics written by BTS’ leader Rap Monster and the group’s creator Bang Sihyuk.

With lyrics that starts with, “All the underdogs in the world/ A day may come when we lose/ But it is not today/ Today we fight!”, it is impossible to not feel hyped up for the song. It only gets better, with members Suga and V reiterating the phrase “not today” intensely, each time stronger than the previous.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Compared to the lyrics, the music video was slightly lacking as it was mainly filled with scenes of the boys dancing. Don’t get us wrong, their choreography was sharp and powerful (as expected of BTS), but we felt that the music video could have been fleshed out with a proper story line to complement the lyrics.

However, at certain intervals of the video, we see the boys running away from a hoard of black figures, and we think it signifies those who are trying to bring them down. Nice gesture there, BTS 😉

The melody might sound a little messy, but the underlying message gives the track its weight. Trust us, it will get stuck to your head after a few listens (speaking from experience)!



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