Now, how did this escape us?

Hasbro and Liongate have jointly announced that they’ll be releasing a “My Little Pony” animated musical fantasy film this October.

My Little Pony The Movie
Source: Hasbro/Lionsgate

Based on the television series “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic” as well as Hasbro’s My Little Pony toy line, 2017’s “My Little Pony: The Movie” centres on the “Mane 6” – Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rarity – as they leave Equestria and embark on an unforgettable journey to meet new friends and challenges on a quest to use the magic of friendship and save their home.


Previously announced voice cast members include Sia (who will also contribute 2 original songs to the film’s soundtrack), Liev Schreiber, Taye Diggs, Emily Blunt (“The Devil Wears Prada”, “The Huntsman: Winter’s War“, “The Girl on the Train“), Kristin Chenoweth, Uzo Aduba, and Michael Pena. And just a couple of hours ago, it was revealed that Hasbro and Liongate has signed “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Star Trek” star Zoe Saldana for the animated feature film.

Zoe Saldana MLP
Source: Speakers’ Corner

It is not known what role Zoe will take on but it is highly likely that she’ll be playing a character that’s created for the film. Like Sia, who will be portraying a new “pop star pony” character called Songbird Serenade.

This won’t be the first “My Little Pony” film, of course. The original “My Little Pony” animated film, which featured the voices of Danny DeVito, Madeline Kahn, Cloris Leachman, Rhea Perlman, and Tony Randall was released back in 1986. However, unlike the original “My Little Pony”, the 2017 iteration will feature the newer line of ponies which have been highly successful with the young children of the current generation it’s aimed at.

New My Little Pony
Source: Hasbro

“My Little Pony: The Movie” is slated to be released on 6th October 2017.

Sources: Variety, / Featured image: Speakers’ Corner.

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