Fans of Paula Hawkins’ best-selling 2005 book, “The Girl on the Train”, would be pleased to know that the first teaser trailer for the movie adaptation of the novel has been released.

And it’s eerie.

“I saw her, I saw her from the train. She was with this man.”


Emily Blunt stars as Rachel Watson in the dark thriller, who is still reeling from her recent divorce.


As per story told in Paula Hawkins’ novel, Rachel Watson is unemployed but she continues to take the train from her former work commute and obsesses while on the train over a seemingly perfect couple, “Jess” aka Megan (played by Haley Bennett) and “Jason” aka Scott (played by Luke Evans) she observes.

Megan also happens to be a nanny for Rachel’s ex-husband, Tom (played by Justin Theroux) and his new wife, Anna (played by Rebecca Ferguson).

Rachel is a raging alcoholic who desperately needs help but her life truly unravels and takes a dire turn when Megan disappears. Suddenly, she is thrown into the investigation surrounding Megan, who goes missing and is then found to be murdered.

The Girl On The Train Megan Hipwell

What’s worse is when Rachel tells the investigators that she can’t recall what happened and where she was on the night the nanny was murdered. And that’s when the plot gets so thick that you could probably chew on it for a while.

Speaking to Deadline about her role as Rachel, Emily Blunt said, “I love that your heroine, your lead character is the most unreliable witness in the world because she’s a drunk. And yet she’s right, and nobody believes her. The idea of playing a part like that where you just feel like you’re drowning is exciting.”


Watch the trailer below:

“The Girl On The Train” is slated to be released in cinemas worldwide on 7th October 2016.

For more information, visit the movie’s Facebook page.

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