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Several insiders who are familiar with the project allegedly told The Wrap that Emily Blunt might or might not take up a role in DreamWorks’ adaptation of the New York Times best-seller novel “The Girl on the Train”. Rumour has it that she’s currently in the early talks to be casted as the lead role – the lonely, alcoholic divorcée Rachel.

Source: Disney.wikia
Source: Disney.wikia

Blunt, who has just filmed “Sicario” earned rave reviews in Cannes for her star turn in Denis Villeneuve’s film which is scheduled for release by Lionsgate on 18th September. In addition, she also apprehended a supporting actress Golden Globe earlier this year for Rob Marshall’s musical “Into the Woods“.


Also, according to insiders, DreamWorks has also showed interest in casting Kate Mara as the second female character. One can only hope that the rumours are true but alas, DreamWorks did not immediately reply upon the request to comment.

Set to take place in London, the synopsis for “The Girl on The Train” is as follows:

The story of Rachel Watson has spent the last few years stumbling through life in a booze-filled depression ever since her husband left her for another woman. Now she wiles away her days riding the commuter train to and from London, despite having been fired from her job months ago. The train makes a daily stop by her old neighborhood and it is here she spies a couple appearing to be living a perfect life from a beautiful home. She begins to fantasize about the couple, inventing little lives and backstories for them to keep her mind off her own troubles. All of a sudden events take an unexpected turn.

DreamWorks acquired the rights to the fiercely contested novel in 2014 prior to the book’s publication. “The Girl on the Train” has been listed as the New York Times best-seller and to date, 2 millions copies of the book have been sold.

Apparently, the book evoked comparisons to “Gone Girl“, given that it is a thriller told from the perspective of an unreliable narrator.

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon

Tate Taylor, of “Get on Up” and “The Help” fame, will direct the movie based on a screenplay by Erin Cressida Wilson. Marc Platt will be overseeing the production while Jared LeBoff will serve as the executive producer.

Hmm, what about you guys? Is there someone else that you’d rather DreamWorks cast? Share your thoughts in the comments box below!

Source: TheWrap, Amazon.

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