In 2015, when Fox announced that they were bringing back popular 90s sci-fi series, “The X-Files”, it threw fans into a frenzied state of excitement and anticipation. When the revival finally aired, a whopping total of over 50 million viewers watched in over 80 countries, setting a new ratings record.

Alas, the excitement was short-lived as it was only a 6-episode event series, which has left sci-fi geeks begging for more. And understandably so!

The X-Files 2017
Source: FOX

But word on the street is that fans may be getting what they want after all because there are talks of “The X-Files” potentially returning for another season.


Fox is closing in on ordering more episodes for the show, at least for another season that’s not as short as the 6-episode event series that aired last year. During a Television Critics Association (TCA) panel session a couple of hours ago, Fox president David Madden revealed that the deal-making is “complex” due to the schedules of stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. He also added that the new season won’t be as large as a traditional 22-episode broadcast series.

Note: David Duchovny previously said that he’d be open to returning for another season, provided it wasn’t a traditional 22-episode run.

The X-Files Reboot Production
Source: Gillian Anderson

Although it isn’t completely set in stone as of yet, the network is expected “to have an announcement shortly”. Likely, fans will be getting more “The X-Files” episodes sometime in 2018 if Fox manages to secure the deal.

So, who’s game for more episodes of “The X-Files”? 🙂

Sources: EW, tvweb / Featured image: FOX.

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