Ailee has made a name for herself in the Korean entertainment scene, but it seems like the singer is looking to expand beyond that.

The 28-year-old singer has made her US debut by releasing a full-English track, titled “Fall Back”, under her US stage name, A.Leean.

Source: Deviantart
Source: Deviantart

While it has never been explicitly stated that A.Leean is Ailee, fans are quite sure of the fact because of her voice and similar name. An US news outlet also explained that “A.Leean” already has a large fanbase and has performed at concerts all around the world, including South Korea.


The new song release was announced by WestSide Entertainment, which will be managing the singer’s activities in the US. WestSide also houses other popular artistes such as Nelly, The Notorious B.I.G., and Keyshia Cole. A source from the company also said, “(They would like their) artiste’s breathtaking voice, talent, and up-beat fun song to speak for itself, rather than her already established name and brand.

Filled with lyrics like “I don’t want to lose this thing that we call love / I don’t want to miss a chance at making up” and “I’m ready for the crash / as long as you hold my hand“, “Fall Back” is an EDM-infused track which sings about falling in love deeply with someone.

Listen to it here:

For more info, visit A.leean’s official website, Facebook page, and Twitter.

Source: soompi.

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