Avengers: Infinity War” is expected to begin shooting next month in the Scottish cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh. Although we will see every possible Avenger assembling to take on The Mad Titan, it appears that we might be seeing some unexpected faces.

According to the UK’s The Daily Record, Liv Tyler, who previously played Betty Ross (Hulk/Bruce Banner’s original love interest) in 2008’s “The Incredible Hulk”, will be appearing in the movie. The has been no mention of her character since her last outing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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To quote Ryan Scott, this piece of information would have seemed less believable before “Captain America: Civil War“, but Marvel has since brought back General Ross (played by William Hurt). Taking that into consideration, it’s possible that we could see General Ross’ daughter Betty Ross lending her expertise to Earth’s mightiest heroes.


If Liv Tyler does indeed return to reprise her role, this would set up an even stronger connection to “The Incredible Hulk”. Of course, she’ll be playing against a different actor. Back then, Bruce Banner was played by Edward Norton. Director Louis Leterrier had preferred Mark Ruffalo, but was overruled by Marvel.

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Since things didn’t work out with Hulk and Black Widow, there’s a possibility that Bruce and Betty could rekindle their romance. It would bring the Hulk’s story full circle.

To find out more about the plot details of “Avengers: Infinity War”, go here.

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