It’s finally happening! Starting 1st January 2017, the state of Selangor will be plastic and polystyrene-free all day err day 🙂

The #BebasPlastik campaign was announced by state Green Technology and Environment Committee chairman, Elizabeth Wong, on Wednesday (21st December) at a press conference in Shah Alam. According to state surveys, 71% of Selangor residents believe that plastic-free Saturdays are not enough and over 90% are aware that plastic bags are harmful to the environment.

Source: #BebasPlastik
Source: #BebasPlastik

In a statement, they said, “We hear you loud and clear; so in 2017, Selangor will be be free of plastics and polystyrene 7 days a week. Commit to this goal by being one of 20,000 Selangor residents to sign the pledge to live without single-use plastic and polystyrene!”


In addition, vendors guilty of using polystyrene packages will face a fine of up to RM1,000 while consumers will be charged a minimum of 20 cents for single-use plastic bags. Wong also added that charges will be waived for certain goods such as raw meat, and plants or roots covered in sand or soil, flowers, unwrapped loose seeds, and live fish or aquatic products.

Source; The Star Online
Source; The Star Online

Penang was the first to get the ball rolling by introducing the no-plastic ban, followed by Malacca, Johor, and Shah Alam.

What do you think of a plastic-free Selangor? Pledge your support by hitting up #BebasPlastik’s website here.

Sources: The Star (1), (2), Astro Awani.

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