VIPs, just you try and contain yourselves – because we can’t.

South Korean K-Pop idol boy group BIGBANG (빅뱅) has finally released the music video for “Last Dance”, 1 of the 3 new songs off their highly anticipated “MADE – The Full Album”.



With lyrics written by G-Dragon, T.O.P, and Taeyang (태양), “Last Dance” is an emotional track with the members singing throughout the song, in a style that’s reminiscent of “Let’s Not Fall In Love” and “Loser“. The slow and sentimental song is guaranteed to give you the feels as it sounds like BIGBANG singing to their fans ala a personal love letter to VIPs.

“I will sing this song and I will return to you, if I can see your beautiful self again. I will listen to this song with you and dance for the last time. Remember this moment, forever if you must. Just one last dance,” Daesung and Taeyang can be heard singing.

But perhaps the most poignant moment was in the last 30 seconds of the song, as there were fan screams backing up T.O.P’s vocals. If you looked closely, T.O.P can be seen tearing up at the very last few seconds of the music video. It’s particularly bittersweet as T.O.P is preparing for his military enlistment on 9th February 2017 and because of that, this will be BIGBANG’s last full album with all 5 members for a while.

“Music keeps on playing and give me a chance, I am here waiting for you. Please just once, I promise you, it won’t be long.”


BIGBANG’s full “MADE” album dropped on 12th December 2016. Check out the track list here.

For more information, hit up BIGBANG’s website or Facebook page.

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