The first of the 2 BIGBANG comeback singles that you’ve been waiting in high anticipation for have finally been released at midnight (Friday, 1st May).

Yes, we’re talking about BIGBANG’s MADE SERIES “M”.

Starting with “M” on 1st May, the “M”, “A”, “D”, and “E” projects will be released monthly until the complete “MADE” album is out in September. Each project contains more than one track, and MADE SERIES “M” will be out in 2 different versions; M ver. and m ver.



“Loser” doesn’t sound outrightly K-Pop-ish but we’re not entirely surprised as BIGBANG (or at least YG Entertainment) has always been known to push boundaries with their experimentation of sounds, styles, and music genres.

The concept centres on individual stories of what makes the BIGBANG members, um, “losers” in their own right. For example, Daesung gets beaten up by thugs while Seungri appears to be a jilted lover. G-Dragon, of course, coolly wanders around the streets looking a little lost/stranded in both the physical and emotional sense, while Taeyang just looks like he’s looking for answers.

Oh, and let’s not forget TOP, who is seen making out with a mysterious hottie in the music video.


Love it or not so much? Let us know what you think.

Don’t forget! BIGBANG is slated to perform at Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium on 25th July as part of their “MADE” world tour. All the details we have here.


For more information, visit BIGBANG’s official Facebook page.

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