I can’t dance or sing like other people,” said Keow Wee Loong, who also thinks that proposing in Tokyo Disneyland is too cheesy. “Well I’m only gonna do this once, might as well do something different and epic!”

To make good on his promise, the 28-year-old Malaysian scaled the world’s highest bridge (located in China) to carry out his death-defying proposal in a very bold way. Standing on the 1,853 foot Beipanjiang Bridge, the dare devil held up a sign that read, “Will you marry me?

keow wee leong
Source: Facebook

Keow first met his Polish fiancée Marta Sibielak earlier in May this year. He was in Japan for a work assignment while taking some pretty cool snapshots of the Fukushima exclusion zone (yep, he’s that infamous photographer that went viral on social media). Although he lost his wallet during his trip, fate appeared to have worked in his favour.


With no money, he entered a Family Mart convenience store and spotted a white girl at the counter. “It was weird seeing a western woman working in a Family Mart in Japan. I was lost and wanted to use the wifi in the shop but I ended up talking with her,” he was quoted as saying.

keow wee loong 1
Source: Keow via Daily Mail

After sharing about his unfortunate incident, the 24-year-old Marta Sibielak took pity on him and offered him some chicken curry. Before leaving for Fukushima, he would travel every night to that Family Mart store to send her home. That was how their romance blossomed.

According to his Facebook post, Keow had been exploring various venues across China to pull off his extravagant proposal. The original plan was to climb the Goldin Finance 117 building in Tianjin, which is the 16th tallest building in the world.

Because my drone pilot was new, we got caught and so we moved from Tianjin to Beijing, Wuhan, Shanghai, Guizhou, Liupansui to get this done,” he told MailOnline, before deciding on Beipanjiang Bridge (which is expected to be open to public before 2017).

After filming it, Keow intially intended to screen his proposal video in one of the cinemas in Kuala Lumpur where he would come out with the ring at the end of the video. Unfortunately, that got called off at the last minute, so he decided to take his Polish sweetheart on a holiday in Bali.

Here’s the video that everybody is talking about:

Soon after Sibielak saw the video, Keow got down on one knee at the famous Kuta landmark and popped the question. “She cried after watching the video because I was in China for a month keeping this a secret from her and we actually had a few arguments during my time away. But to see her reaction the day I proposed, I knew it was all worth it,” Keow shared.


Do we even need to tell y’all that she said yes? We got to give it to him though, how can anyone refuse him after seeing what he managed to achieved.

keow 7
Source: Facebook

The newly-engaged couple are currently in a long distance relationship but Sibielak is planning to move to Malaysia once she completes her studies in Japan next year.

Congrats to this wonderful pair! We have no doubt that more exciting things are yet to come 😉

Sources: Daily Mail, MMO, NY Post.

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