Most superhero films usually hype up anticipation by inserting a healthy dose of wit and explosions during their marketing campaign.

Logan”, on the other hand, got fans excited by releasing a dark, moody trailer complete with a series of stylish black and white shots that teases new details about the film via the wponx Instagram account. A new promotional image suggests that there won’t be happy ever after for 1 character – Professor X.



A photo posted by @wponx on

The image, which is simply titled “Bullet”, is of the bullet-riddled side of what appears to be Logan’s truck (as seen in the trailer). Beyond the photo, the real information comes in the comments section. As a commentator points out, those bullet holes clustered around the passenger-side door is the back seat where Professor X is sitting during a highway chase scene.

With that in mind, it looks like the assailant had an intended target in mind. Combine that with the fact that a funeral scene takes place early on in the trailer, all signs point to the possibility of Professor X biting the dust. Rumours of the professor’s eminent death have been swirling around for quite some time, and the evidence are falling into place.

Source: wponx

Given the direction that 20th Century Fox is moving forward with the franchise, killing off Professor X is a huge sign that we’re heading into a new ear of “X-Men” films with “X-Force” and “New Mutants” acting as spin-offs.

Of course, this is speculation until “Logan” opens in theatres on 3rd March 2017.

Sources: Outer Places, CBR, Screen Rant.

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