Last month, fans were treated to the official trailer for the final standalone Wolverine film, “Logan”. And now, we have a better look at the film’s 2 main leads via a new international poster courtesy of 20th Century Fox Peru.

The grainy image, that has fans buzzing, features Logan aka Wolverine running with his iconic metal claws extended on one hand while his other hand is preoccupied as he carries Laura Kinney aka X-23. Take a look at the poster below:

Source: Fox Films Peru

The photo hints at the a close father/daughter-type relationship between Wolverine and X-23. Looking over her shoulder, Laura Kinney is seen clutching close to Logan as he appears to be running away from danger, or perhaps into it.


Judging from the promos thus far, their relationship promises to be fasinating. We already know from the trailer that Wolverine will rescue X-23 from a shadowy military group and their partnership may involve into something more paternal.

Source: Fox

In the comics, X-23 was both a member of X-Men and X-Force. She ultimately takes over for Wolverine at the time of his death. It’ll be interesting to see if the movie version of X-23 will take over the mantle somewhere down the line.

“Logan” is slated to hit theatres on 3rd March 2017.

Sources: Comic Book, Comic Book Movie, Movie Web.

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