It’s not cheap maintaining one’s beauty, especially when you’re in the entertainment industry.

As such, Malaysian actress Nora Danish reckons that celebrities like her should be given tax exemption for the amount of money spent to appear attractive in the public eye.

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Source: Nora’s Facebook

According to a report by Malay daily Utusan Malaysia, Nora had apparently requested the Inland Revenue Board (IRB, or Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri) to consider her proposal in hopes to ease the burden of artistes.


For me, as Malaysians, it is our responsibility [to pay taxes]. But what I hope is for a little exemption for celebrities like us,” the local actress told the publication before adding, “It is just that, in the current times we are paying a lot for our appearances. So, this is part of our career and perhaps it can be counted as our occupational cost.

Source: Nora’s Facebook

Nora’s remark, however, did not sit well with many netizens, who in return lashed out at the fashionista for her “entitlement”. “Exemption from taxes? Who the hell does she think she is? A religious institution? People pray to her face?” Shafiqah Othman tweeted.

How about educators (lecturers and teachers) who rely on their brains to keep their jobs? Shouldn’t they be given tax exemptions, too? How about doctors who rely on their experience to keep their jobs? Shouldn’t they be given tax exemptions, too? How about the factory workers who rely on their hands to keep their jobs? Shouldn’t they be given tax exemptions, too?” asked Facebook user Ashley Greig-Momin.

nora danish
Source: Nora’s Facebook

Since the news had gone viral yesterday (Monday, 7th November), Nora has taken to social media to respond on the backlash in regards to her request on tax breaks.

Her Facebook post reads (translation): “There are still many that don’t comprehend the difference between tax relief and tax exemption. An artiste’s application differs from the standard tax form. There is also a category for expenditure on appearance. All I’m asking is for the percentage in the category to be raised.

As a celebrity, I have the right to speak for my peers, just like how other Malaysians have the right to voice their opinions. Why should I be penalised for stating my opinion on tax breaks?

Meanwhile, the actress also commented on Instagram that her statement in Utusan Malaysia was “twisted” and “manipulated” for the sake of a sensationalised headline.


Nora concluded her post with the hashtags #haruslahbayarcukai and #sayabayarcukai — which means “should pay tax” and “I pay tax” in Malay.

Sources: MMO, Discover KL.

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