What becomes of Bad Boys when they’re not boys anymore?” is a question director Joe Carnahan intends to explore in the upcoming “Bad Boys” instalment.

“Bad Boys 3” or better known as “Bad Boys for Life” (for now) is finally taking off after spending several years in development. We already know that Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are set to reprise their roles as Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett, but not much has been revealed about the 3rd instalment – until now.

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In speaking with Collider, the filmmaker revealed that it wasn’t so much about the previous 2 movies that got him excited about this project, but the undeniable chemistry between Smith and Lawrence. “It’s a very grounded, as much as it can be, Miami narcotics/robbery/homicide cops [story], 2 lifelong friends, these things are all appealing to me. That and knowing and doing something that I thought would be interesting, that would be an interesting challenge. Because those other films are Michael Bay’s and if you’re gonna come in you really gotta take it, you really gotta own that franchise,” said Carnahan.


Besides that, Carnahan even offered information about his collaboration with Smith, indirectly confirming that the 48-year-old “Suicide Squad” actor will be heavily involved with the movie production. “It’s been a pretty centralised process. I’ve been writing this thing for the better part of a year. And at times, Will and I have discussed this too, it’s nice to drop back and just worry about the directing part of it and have people come to you, so that you don’t burn out completely. We know we have to satisfy X, Y, and Z, let me take a shot at this, and see if it comes back and see if you like it, see if it works. In that respect, Will’s been wonderful and a lot of fun, and always a willing participant,” shared the director.

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Although Carnahan didn’t want to reveal too much about the story plot, he did add that “Bad Boys for Life” will take place 15 years after the events from 2003’s “Bad Boys II”. He also teased that Mike and Marcus will be going up against not 1 but several villains.

It wasn’t challenging [coming up with the antagonist]. It should’ve been. You’ve got all these years in the game, and you’ve made all these enemies, you’ve accumulated all this, so in that respect, it would be easy. But I don’t wanna say anything else because I don’t wanna ruin the delicacy of who our antagonist is, because I think it’s very cool. It’s not 1 person. It’s a multi-headed hydra, I’ll say that. It works beautifully,” he added.

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Source: Screenrant

“Bad Boys 3” is expected to start filming next March and is slated to hit cinemas on 12th January 2018.

Sources: Screen Rant, /Film, Movie Web.

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