Ready to let go of all your inhibitions and “Skydive” with B.A.P?

The idol group has released their long-anticipated music video for “Skydive”, which is the title track off their album “NOIR”. The music video was released at midnight today (Monday, 7th November), simultaneously with the album.

Source: B.A.Ps Official Facebook
Source: B.A.Ps Official Facebook

“NOIR” records a total of 13 tracks, including “Le Noir”, “Ribbon In The Sky”, “Killer”, “Fermata”, “Pray (주소서)”, “I Guess I Need You”, “Chiquita”, “Walking (걸어가)”, “Now (지금)”, and the Korean version of “Kingdom”, which was previously recorded in their Japanese album. Instrumental versions of “Skydive” and “Fermata” are also included in the effort.


While many of the tracks were produced, written, and arranged by leader Bang Yong Guk, the rapper has unfortunately opted out of their current ongoing album promotions, as he’s been diagnosed with panic disorders.

Source: YouTube Screenshot
Source: YouTube Screenshot

The members also talked about having their promotions with 1 member down, and Himchan said, “We split up the responsibilities that Yong Guk was carrying, but it is more burdensome than we thought it would be. It made me realize how amazing Yong Guk is. He will recover and come back, so we will do our best in the meantime.

Zelo also chimed in, adding, “I hope that Yong Guk can fully rest and get better while we promote as 5 members. While there is pressure, we will do our best as though there are 6 of us.

Although the 26-year-old musician is notably missing from their activities, he still took part in the music video filming. The music video is a heart-thumping affair, showing the boys as suave and merciless mercenaries. Daehyun takes up the role as the titular character who is on the journey to look for his kidnapped lover, while aided by the other members of B.A.P.

Enjoy the 10-minute short drama below and watch out for the plot twists!

The group was also crowned as MTV EMA’s “Best Korean Act” of 2016 at the ceremony in Rotterdam, Netherlands, yesterday (Sunday, 6th November).

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