Wanna look cool like Yuna?

The 29-year-old Malaysian singer-songwriter and fashionista recently collaborated with Boston-based clothing line Lisn Up to produce a limited-edition fashion line called the “Places To Go” streetwear collection, inspired by the song of the same name taken from her latest record, “Chapters”.

yuna fashion 2
Source: Lisn Up

The collaborative effort is intended to lend a helping hand towards refugees worldwide. “Our collaboration reaches out in solidarity to millions around the world affected by the refugee crisis. Every little effort counts,” Yuna wrote on her Facebook post.


In the track “Places To Go”, Yuna sings about her work commitments that require her to travel a lot and her longing for a place to call home. Although for different reasons, yet relatable, millions of refugees are fleeing their homes from war, persecution, natural disasters, environmental crises and poverty, in search of a safe haven.

yuna fashion
Source: Lisn Up

As a result of their collaboration, Yuna and Lisn Up have come up with several items for their “Places to Go” collection – hemp tee, cotton long sleeve shirt, classic hoodie, vintage flight jacket (notice the Malaysian flag tribute?), and vintage flight bag.

50% of the profits for each item will be donated to the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (UCSRI).

To purchase Yuna’s “Places To Go” streetwear collection while stocks are available, go here.

Source: Hive Asia/ Featured image: Lisn Up.

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