It’s a good time for those who use car hailing apps.

Uber Malaysia has decided to implement upfront fares for their users, an upgrade from their previous price estimation system. The new system will enable users in Kuala Lumpur to get the actual trip fare before embarking on their ride.

Source: Uber MY
Source: Uber MY

After identifying the number of riders and nearby drivers are at a specify time range, Uber will display an amount for the car hailer. The expected time taken, distance of the trip, and local traffic will also be taken into consideration. In short, the new system will offer a reasonable pricing to users based on the demand and supply of rides.


Surge pricing will not be removed, but it will integrated into the system so that users won’t experience unexpected price hikes anymore. However, if users change their destination halfway through their trip, or make a detour, a change in price and additional charges will still apply. In that case, Uber will be calculating the user’s fees by taking into account the time and distance. Nevertheless, rest assure that you’ll be notified of any changes before and during the trip.

Source: Uber MY
Source: Uber MY

The feature will be rolled out to users in the following weeks.

For more info, visit Uber’s official website and Facebook page.

Sources:, Uber.

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