Aww, that’s a nice gesture from SEVENTEEN.

Pledis Entertainment’s boy group has surprised Carats (as fans of SEVENTEEN are lovingly known as) with an unscheduled release – the music video for “Healing”, which is a track off their repackaged album “Love & Letter”.

Source: SEVENTEEN's Official Website
Source: SEVENTEEN’s Official Website

The music video was dropped yesterday (Sunday, 16th October) at 11pm, and is a gift from the group to their beloved fans. Along with the music video, the group also tweeted, “This is SEVENTEEN’s gift for Carats. You worked hard. Thank you.” 5 minutes later, the group expressed their love for fans once again with another message on Twitter. It reads, “We really miss our Carats. My healing is you. Thank you. Don’t get sick. We love you.”


The group also described the song as a fan song, which is a song composed, written, and specially dedicated for fans.

The music video features the boys hard at work at their concert before going on a “healing trip” at an unnamed beach. It’s indeed a music video and song dedicated for fans, as the music video is filled with scenes of the SEVENTEEN members enjoying themselves while on a plane, dancing crazily in front of the camera, playing at an arcade, and going on a theme park.

Watch the extremely fun video here:

“Love & Letter Repackaged Version” was released on 4th July and is currently available at all major music stores.

For more info, visit SEVENTEEN’s official website and Facebook page.

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