With the help of netizens, 27-year-old Mohd Raitul Afthal bin Zainal Abidin, who is diagnosed with stage 4 intestinal cancer, was finally able to reunite with his eldest son yesterday evening (16th October).

It all started with Hafify Hamizan’s, Raitul Afthal’s brother, Facebook plea that was posted on 15th October. The heartfelt post went viral, with over 38,900 shares.


In his caption, Hafify said that his brother’s condition is getting worse as cancers cells are spreading to his heart, adding that one of Raitul Afthal’s last wishes is to see his eldest son, who is in the custody of his ex-wife. They were separated for 4 years since the divorce.

“I would like to ask you (netizens) to help make this post viral in order to track down my brother’s ex-wife and son,” he wrote.

Thanks to the power of social media, Raitul Afthal’s wish came true when his 6-year-old son, Muhammad Raykal Hakimi, came to visit him at his home in the KTMB Quarters.

Source: Nan Manjoi Ipcrew's Facebook page
Source: Nan Manjoi Ipcrew’s Facebook page

“He has harboured a wish to meet his eldest son even before he fell ill We hope that with this reunion, it will give him more strength to battle his cancer while we wait for the arrival of our child,” said Raitul Afthal’s current wife Norsyahirah, who is pregnant with their first child.

Keep on fighting, Raitul Afthal! Don’t ever give up 🙂

Sources: NST, Hafify Haziman’s Facebook pageNooraini Mat Saat’s Facebook page.

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