Malaysian designer Sonny San has died of a sudden heart attack.

San, who was responsible for local fashion brand eclipse, was 54 when he passed away on Sunday morning (16th October).

Source: Sonny San's Instagram
Source: Sonny San’s Instagram

The revered designer was one of the pioneers in the Malaysian fashion scene, and he helped paved the way for future hopefuls in the fashion industry. He was well known for his chic yet wearable ready-to-wear label eclipse, which was founded in 1996 and has since expanded to several other countries in Asia, such as Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Cambodia, Philippines, and Taiwan.


He also frequented KL Fashion Week, and was praised by peers for his talent and kindness. Thus, it’s no wonder that his death has spurred an outflow of condolences messages from his fellow designers and the public alike.

Source: Sonny San's Instagram
Source: Sonny San’s Instagram

In a Facebook post, designer Melinda Looi wrote:

We are deeply saddened by the news of Sonny San. A big brother who passed away this morning from a heart attack. One of the very first judges at the beginning of Melinda Looi career who became a guru, an idol and one close to the heart. Thank you for always showing us your support and giving great advices. Rest in peace Sonny and thank you again for sharing with us a secret recipe to continue on in this industry by always being happy and positive. #condolences #sonnysan #restinpeace

When interviewed by The Star, Bernie Chan, a local model and actress, gushed praises about San. She said, “I have known Sonny since I was 18. We always had something to chat about when we saw each other at events. He loved travelling, and to us, he will always be young, fit and good looking.

We’re so saddened to hear of the passing of veteran Malaysian designer Sonny San. Rest in peace Sonny, and thank you for all you’ve done. #sonnysan


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My dearest @sonnysan I hope you can see this in instagram heaven. You have been an incredible influence in my life when I started as a model way back when. We became fast friends, both hard working Capricorns. You advised me, got me involved in your campaigns and brand, took my hand and talked me through rough patches, approved of and grew to love Nick, believed in me and my work, always so supportive, made not 1 but 2 wedding gowns for me and made my bridesmaids dresses. You were one of the first people I told when I was pregnant and you said, my goodness Elaine, now your life is all complete. You were one of the only few visitors I allowed to come visit in hospital and you held 1 day old baby Eva although you were so nervous. You made me feel good about myself and always called me a superwoman who could do anything. Thank you for having so much faith in me and allowing me to be part of your wonderful ‘lived to the fullest life’ I will miss you my dear friend. Wish this was all a dream and I’ll wake up running down to fitness first and see you there. I will see you one day. Till then enjoy Heaven. p.s I love you Sonny. You were my mentor and my friend. So positive and full of zest. I shall always remember your words to me “Life is short babe, must always be happy” #sonnysan #legend

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Rest in peace, Sonny. We’ll miss you 🙁

Sources: The Malay Mail Online, Star2.

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