Guess what DC fans? Wonder Woman won’t be the only female hero appearing in next year’s highly-anticipated “Justice League”. She’ll be joined by another DC heroin, Mera, who happens to be Aquaman’s flame-haired, fiery-tempered lover, advisor, and queen.

Today (Thursday, 13th October), we have the first official look of Amber Heard as the Queen of Atlantis in a very comic accurate costume featuring green scales and a large headpiece while standing on the ocean front.

mera amber heard
Source: Warner Bros. via IGN

Although this is a great first look at the live-action version of Mera, the Atlantean heroin probably won’t have much screen time as a supporting role in “Justice League“. Fans can expect a similar introduction to how the other Justice League members made their cameos in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”.


Nevertheless, Mera will have a much bigger role as the female lead in Jason Momoa’s “Aquaman” solo adventure. Still, many of us are hoping that director Zack Snyder will give audience a chance to get to know her a little bit instead of just a swift glimpse. At least for now, we get to see how Heard looks like as Mera.

Source: Warner Bros. via IGN

Besides the new “Justice League” photo, some striking concept art and sketches of Mera was also released. For those that aren’t too familiar with Aquaman’s leading lady, Mera was first introduced as a supporting character in “Aquaman No. 11” in 1963 but was later brought to the forefront as the undersea queen, ruling side by side with Aquaman as an equal.

According to her DC bio, “you don’t want to get on this quick-tempered beauty’s bad side because she won’t hesitate to kick your butt across all 7 seas” as she has the same abilities as Aquaman, but is also skilled in weaponising water by manipulating liquid into anything she chooses. Pretty cool huh?

Source: Warner Bros. via IGN

This is the first we’ve heard of the actress since her public dramatic divorce with Johnny Depp earlier this year.

Aquaman, together with Mera, will be appearing in “Justice League“, which comes out on 17th November 2017, followed by his solo movie on 27th July 2018.

Sources: Yahoo, Screen Rant.

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