SHINee is back with a retro sound.

The music video of “1 of 1” and the album of the same name was released yesterday (Tuesday, 4th October) at 11pm, and has already amassed around 1 million views as of time of writing.

Source: SM Entertainment
Source: SM Entertainment

“1 of 1” is the idol group’s 5th full album, and the title track is basically SHINee singing about their significant other, who they deem as being “1 in a million”. To go along with the retro concept, the group also released a limited edition cassette tape album, as reminiscence of the 90s.


During their showcase, Jonghyun expressed his worries about approaching this genre. He said, “We utilized retro fashion and backgrounds profusely. It could be seen as a risky introduction to retro. At first, we worried whether it would come out chic or not, but because the title track is retro, we went with the retro vibe all around. We will take on retro the SHINee way. However, there’s a natural feel to it, so middle school and high school students these days might wonder what it is. But because it’s a different image, it’ll be more noticeable.”

Meanwhile, the music video features footage of SHINee dressed in vintage outfits and dancing to the choreography of the song. And well, we have to admit that the boys look good in bright coloured outfits, even Taemin, who had to rock a not-so-attractive brownish-yellow suit.

We don’t know about you, but we think the concept worked for them 😉

Enjoy the music video:

What do you think of the song? If you ask us, we think it sounds very different from what the other K-Pop idol groups are churning out right now, and that isn’t necessary a bad thing.

If you liked the track, you can listen to it on iTunes. For other streaming services, click here.

For more info, visit SHINee’s official website and Facebook page.


Source: allkpop.

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