It’s hard being a celebrity.

After BIGBANG leader G-Dragon (real name Kwon Jiyong) closed down his private Instagram account, his rumoured girlfriend Nana Komatsu has shut down her personal blog.

Source: One Hallyu
Source: One Hallyu

While the 20-year-old actress and her label have not released any statement, clicks leading to her former blog URL resulted in an “error” message. Allkpop also reported that her blog was found to have shut down at around 6pm yesterday (Monday, 19th September).


Netizens are speculating that she could have shut down her blog as a result of harassment from fans. A visit to Nana’s Instagram account also showed that the harassment has spilled over to her other social media accounts. The “poop ?” and “thumbs down ??” emojis fill up the comments section and there are calls for the so-called couple to break-up from several “fans”.

Fortunately, a number of fans have also took it upon themselves to leave positive and encouraging messages to Nana and G-Dragon, with some of them congratulating the alleged couple while others show their support and hope they last long.

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

Over the weekend, G-Dragon’s private Instagram account was hacked, which caused several personal photos of him and Nana Komatsu to be leaked online. Some of the “leaked photos” were of an intimate nature, and suggested that the 2 were more than friends. The pair has also been embroiled in dating rumours since March, when they worked together for the magazine spread of NYLON Japan.

We do not know why Nana shut her blog down, but we sincerely hope that fans would lay off with the negative comments and to keep things civil.

Source: allkpop.

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