It has been a long 1-year-and-2-months wait, but INFINITE’s new release shows that it’s all worth it.

Dropping their 6th mini album “Infinite Only” and music video for title track “The Eye (태풍)” yesterday (Sunday, 18th September) night at 11pm, the boy group made a comeback to the music scene since the release of “Reality” in July 2015.

Source: Tumblr
Source: jdw-juseyo’s Tumblr

INFINITE began their teasing process about 3 weeks before their latest release, showering fans with a huge amount of teasers, which include a great deal of photos, videos, and even a puzzle. They also made public the track list, which revealed that fellow Woollim Entertainment artiste Bee from Rphabet composed and arranged “The Eye”.


Set in a dark and gloomy setting, the music video features the members of INFINITE as tortured and demented souls. L takes centre role as the main character, who is badly beaten up and is on the verge of dying. The track gives off the vibe of previous INFINITE tracks “Bad” and “Back”, but is a hundred times more depressing. However, what surprised us most was L’s stellar acting and Sungjong’s improved vocals.


INFINITE debuted in 2010 with “First Invasion”, and has spawned hit singles such as “BTD (Before The Dawn)”, “Paradise”, and “Destiny”. The members are also active in sub-units, with Dongwoo and Hoya performing under the name of INFINITE H while Sungyeol, L, as well as Sungjong sings under the alias of INFINITE F. Main vocalists Sunggyu and Woohyun have also released their respective solo albums in recent years.

For updates on the idol group, remember to visit INFINITE’s official website and Facebook page.

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