Being an Inspirit (as INFINITE fans are lovingly known as) has never felt this good.

The idol group is currently prepping for the release of their upcoming album, titled “Infinite Only”, and judging by the amount of teasers they have released, we’re sure that the boys of INFINITE are hellbent on making their fans go crazy.


Their latest effort is slated for release on 18 September (Thursday) 11pm, but Woollim Entertainment began teasing fans around 2 weeks ago. The usual K-Pop comeback teasing process comprises of several teaser photos and 1 teaser video, but INFINITE has taken it a step further by releasing multiple photos and even more videos.


So far, they’ve released 10 teaser videos, 4 photos (and still counting!), and even the track listing for the album.

The track list has also revealed that the album will contain a total of 7 songs, with rappers Hoya and Dongwoo participating in the lyrics writing of 2 songs. Track number 2, “The Eye (태풍)” has also been chosen as the title track.

Take a look at the individual teasers and the track list here:

A 50-second long teaser video of the title track, which gives us glimpses of the music video and snippets of the song, has also been made public.


For individual video teasers, click here.

We honestly can’t wait for their album and music video to drop 😉


For more info, visit INFINITE’s official website and Facebook page.

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